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Changes in Website Footer (new) 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2
  • The previous version has some serious flaws which only came to light after it was released. It was apparent that this plugin needed a lot more work to be released to the public, so I have re-written a lot of the code with this in mind.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the changes in the new version you will be required to uninstall the previous version first before installing the new one. This is due to the changes in this plugin your previous settings will not be kept and will be removed.
  • My apologies about that 😞
  • Main changes and fixes:
  • Fixed: Blocks would revert to the default values if they were empty on save. IPS settings will revert to their default values if there are empty text or text-area strings,
  • Changed: Re-wrote most of the CSS styles for validation, renamed CSS styles and fixed some CSS issues,
  • Changed: Fixed a few issues with the HTML template,
  • Changed: The default Footer colours now match the colours of the default theme,
  • Added: The Footer theme colours can be set to use the default colours of the installed theme (Best match job),
  • Added: Can now turn off blocks via the Plugin Settings regardless of whether of not the blocks have content,
  • Added: The Footer can be set to span full width or fluid width (same with as ipsLayout_container),
  • Added: Turn off the Footer completely for Mobile and Tablets,
  • Added: The bottom block can be set to display on mobile/tablet devices like the other blocks.
  • Added: The social Block can be displayed either on the left or right of the footer,
  • Added/Fixed: If your forum is set to cache for guests, the theme colour changes wouldn't take affect right away. The plugin will clear the Cache on save to make changes display instantly.