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Licenses system arrives to Invision Virus


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Posted 29 July 2016 - 02:11 AM

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Welcome to Invision Virus!

After a lot of hard work, Invision Virus launches a new Licenses system to have all your favourite nulls and applications for free! That system is now working and we'll try to explain today how it works.

(If you've questions about this system or how it works after reading this topic, please feel free to ask to add more information here and solve everyone's questions in just one topic).

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The new Licenses system will allow you to have a lot of paid applications and all the newest software of Invision Board totally free.

That system was made to prevent another people to leech our community manager's work and make our community more confortable. Being a good member will grant you a lot of advantages, such this feature that will be working from today for all our users. Let's start for the most common questions about this system.

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What's a License System?
The License system will allow you to have keys for paid applications and newest Invision Board versions, such as security releases or full new versions.

What i need to do for make it works?

If you want to have licenses, you must have a few requisites accomplished in our community such as those:

• At least 5 (useful) posts.

If you post crap just for making your post counter grow, you'll be warned, your post counter will be 0 and you will have a 30 days post restriction.

• An active account into our community.

That means a forum account without bans. Warnings are also important, 'cause is a danger zone about your account status.

• An hosting with internet connection.

That means if our database can't connect with your site, your licenses will be down until we can connect your site again.

What happens if i get banned but i already used my keys/licenses?

Your licenses will be revoked and your applications/software will get automatically down. That means you won't have the full version of that application or forum software.

How can i get banned?

If you broke our community rules, you can get banned. Adding to those, there are a few new points:

• If you do multi-accounts to get more licenses, all your accounts will get a ban

I need to ask, is the risk worth? Be nice! Is free!

Can i give my license key to another one?

Is yours, use as you want but remember that: if you get banned from our site for infringe our community rules, your license will be useless.

How can i get my 5 posts easy without getting banned?

Easy! just make useful posts, guides, help people... There are a lot of options for you to help our community and get your reward for it! Try this guide for example.

There are just X license keys, can you null X application?

Please DON'T ASK FOR NULL X APPLICATION / SOFTWARE / ETC! We're volunteers, just wait for us to try the systems, remember that still in BETA and can have some slightly or heavy changes until its finished.

I got banned! Can i recover my licenses?

Im sorry, but you can't recover your licenses, remember that doing multi-accounts is a ban reason :( Just wait until your account ban expires and try to be nice, a ban is a heavy warn to know what you're doing wrong into our forums.

My licenses don't work!

Don't panic youself, if your licenses don't work for any reason, open a topic in Product Support with topic layout and image(s). Remember that other problems have to be posted in Bord Support. otherwise they will be deleted.

Only if the license doesn't show up here on the site send a PM to _.:illus!on:._. Remember that's not a private support, just for those 1 point, another one will be ignored and maybe banned (Rule 17, support).

I've more questions, what i must do?

Ask it without fear! We're here to help you, but remember that must be a question related with this system, other questions non-related will be ignored or deleted.

Return to the Ashes, like the Glassy Sky watching us.

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For more information about this, please read the Community Rules up this message.

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