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Posible solutions from 1S111/1 error - IPS4 -

1S111/1 Invision Power Suite 4

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#1 Montalba


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Posted 20 July 2016 - 04:08 PM


I was having a terrible trouble installing some applications since 2 days ago, so today i want to share with you the main point of this trouble and how to solve it.

Enjoy! Remembering that this solutions are just for Invision Power Suite 4 and won't be working with older versions or another forum softwares.

- I know there's a lot of grammar problems here, im not english so is some kind of hard for me -

In most cases, there are one or more troubles making your application not working, let's start with the possible issues.

- Wrong version
Seems to be a silly situation, but it happens. Look careful the version defined in most of the cases (in the filename, in the description or version here in IV).
Examples (thanks to Darkknight for uploading the applications! Such a kind guy!):

  • (BIM40) Floating Social Sidebar
  • As long you can see, the 40 means 4.0.X version, so it won't be working with 4.1 versions or futher. Is highly recommend to search the correct version or an update available if you don't want to risk your forums.
  • (IPBD41) Disable Right Click
  • Here we go again, 41 now means 4.1.X version, like the Floating Social Sidebar, that is just for 4.1.X (that X meaning that could be any microversion or patch).
  • (TB) Hide Content
  • When you can't see a 40 or 41 like this file, you can go to the Compatibility file information to see about that, in this case is 4.X (it will work with any 4.X version, including 4.0 and 4.1).
- Incomplete upload or corrupted files.
Most people perform wrong actions that will affect your application files and maybe corrupt them. As all we know, WinRar puts your files in a Temp. directory cache in your computer meanwhile you're decompressing them. It is HIGHLY recommended to decompress them and upload as a files than uploading directly from Winrar interface when opening them, trust me.

- Wrong upload.
That is very curious, as i said in this guide, you must need to upload the files correctly in your Application category for make it work. Just take a fast look at the guide to see how to upload applications and make it work.

- Upload from a different way.
The guide you read uses the FTP to upload your files, but if you are having issues following all the further information, do that steps:
  • Uninstall your Application (if you install it and gives you an error, it will appear as an "Outdated" application).
  • Remove ALL of your application files that is causing errors (WARNING: Don't remove all your applications, just the one that are giving you issues!).
  • Go to your downloaded files (previously, you downloaded the application i assume).
  • Find the .tar application (normally is the previous one to all files you uploaded).
  • Go to your ACP > System > Applications and select the "Install" bottom from top right corner.
  • Select your .tar application and upload it.
  • Voila! It must be working.
That way will make you work the Group Collaboration application for example.

That's all! I hope that helps you!

See ya!

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#2 VegaH21



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Posted 22 August 2016 - 02:27 AM

In my case it were caused because an old version of one plugin as you said in the first part.

Today I still waiting for the update of that plugin here in the IV Zone XD

Thanks for the guide, I'll keep it in favorites for when I get problems like this again :unsure:

#3 Zotic



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Posted 03 January 2018 - 10:59 AM

I try to install theme and showing this error too.

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