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Gaming Subscriptions

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#1 d53642



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Posted 15 June 2019 - 11:05 PM

With most companies move to monthly subscriptions versus buying games.  X-Box PC Pass and Ubisoft joining the mix on top of Origin and any others that might be out there. While I really enjoy these and I see the financial benefit to them.

X-Box PC Pass can be bundled into the X-Box Ultimate Pass which includes Gold, X-Box Pass and PC Pass for 16.99 Cdn a month.
Origin and Ubisoft (when it starts) will run me about 25 a month after exchange rates.

I noticed there are some cross overs with each sub to the games being offered. This will be about 70 bucks a month for me, but still cost less than a AAA game in Canada at 79.99. I will prob add Ubisoft to my monthly sub and save on buying some games that I may play for 2 weeks and be done with.

What is everyone's take on this?

#2 Kevin Speirs

Kevin Speirs


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Posted 02 July 2019 - 10:57 PM

If you can do a yearly sub on any of those subscriptions, that's going to be the cheaper route. Often times yearly is cheaper than monthly on most subscriptions. For example, XBOX Gold used to 10 dollars a month, pretty cheap, right? Wrong, if you paid 10 bucks a month for 1 year, it'd add up to 120 bucks a year, when they offered Gold for 60 bucks per year, 2 times less the amount for monthly payments. if you can find a yearly deal for these subscriptions, it may be more upfront but cheaper at the end of the year.

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