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Announcement: Post In The Correct Section

Posted by Invision Virus

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From now on.

Post in the correct sections!

If they are NOT posted in the correct sections then we will start deleting topics as per rule 17. Support.
This also applies to posting requests and tutorials in the correct sections.

Furthermore, I have introduced a required support layout.
If people do not follow this support layout or do not answer all the questions in order to assist us in your support request then we will simply delete the thread.

It is ridiculous that we have to do such things.
However, Due to the shear stupidity (Would love to use a better way to describe this), It is really hard and leaves no option but to get strict on the matter. It is way out of hand and support is becoming a pile of unanswered, Unsolved and in general a bunch of topics posted in the wrong section(s).

IPB Support: http://invision-viru...layout-required
App Support: http://invision-viru...ayout-required/
Product Support: http://invision-viru...ayout-requried/