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Announcement: License for IV releases

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Hi and welcome to another short guide about how to get your License for Invision Virus.
Today we'll know how to get our licence and make it work in our services :)

• An Invision Virus account.
• At least 5 useful posts (if your posts are useless (one is enough), your license will be revoked, you will receive 10 warning points and you will be restricted from posting for 30 days).
• A good community mood (Ban = No license).

• If you do multi-accounts just for having more licenses, all your licenses and accounts will be banned!
• If you just do crappy posts for having the min. posts count to have the licenses, your posts counter will be 0 and your licenses will not work.
• If your webhost is not able to connect to Invision Virus data, your licenses will be blocked until they have connection again.

• First step: Registering to Invision Virus
Welcome to Invision Virus! Your first step must be registering to grant access to all our site, that includes forums, support, downloads and licenses!
> Read the guide about how to Register an account.

• Second step: Reading the community rules.
As a community, we've here a few rules that we need to accomplish if we want to have our accounts in a good mood, any mod, supermod or admin can give us a warn if we're not accomplishing those rules. C'mon, there are just a few of them! let's be fair with a forums that gave us all free :(
> Read the Community Rules here.

• Third step: Doing some useful posts.
- Starting? Let's give you a boost to know how to do your first posts, why you don't introduce yourself? Be respectful with other members, try to fulfill the post with what do you like to do, how do you know the forums, what are your favorite software forums, a small information about your cat... Whatever, we want to know you!
- When you introduced yourself, maybe you want to do some conversations with other members in the Offtopic section about... who knows, a movie you saw the last Saturday? I liked Hancook and Ghost ship, and i really wanted to know a movies like that man, im sure there are a lot of members that loves that two movies too! Remember that short and useless posts like "i liked spiderman 2, who liked it?" doesn't count as a posts and can be counted as a spam for increasing your post counter, be more original and take at least 4 minutes writing your post :(
- We are volunteers helping here, why you don't help new users too? The art of receiving support is for giving it to newbies sometimes in a near future!

• Fourth step: Reclaiming your licenses.
Congratulations on gettin' 5 useful posts! We're proud to give you your license keys forever :) Remember that helping in the forums supporting or uploading resources can help us, and helping us we can help you in a future! Is like a chain that you must think about. For claiming it, you must select the tab next to the Community Rules and use that keys:

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