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Download Tournaments 1.3.4

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This application is designed for those who want to run tournaments on their site. It is not for the actual gaming itself to take palce through the app in any way, but rather for your members to create and join teams, sign up for tournaments, submit scores of the matches which take place somewhere else, and then the system keeps track of it all and declares the winning team once the tournament is completed.

Warning: For older versions, due to a bug in ip.board you may need to have your default skin be the normal default ip.board skin when installing this or it won't install the templates.

Here are some of the many features:
  • Create categories.
  • Unlimited number of subcategories.
  • Create tournaments which fit into the categories.
  • A count of open tournaments in each category is kept.
  • Create teams (max teams per member is set in the ACP).
  • The team creator determines how many members should be on his or her team, approves or declines applications to the team, and can kick people off of the team.
  • Teams join tournaments which allow teams with their number of members. there are numerous settings on the tournament form to allow for various combinations of teams.
  • Tournaments are created in the ACP. The one who creates the tournament can invite teams to it on the public side. Anyone with access to this app in the ACP could edit the tournament.
  • brackets- single and double elimination brackets are one type of tournament. You can create a 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 team tournament at this point and add byes if you don't have the correct number of teams wanting to join.
  • ladders- manual move teams on a ladder absed on their performance orL base it automatically on wins, on a simple formula, on ELO ratings (more complicated and precise), etc...
  • round robin- each team plays each other team x number of times and the team with the best record wins that tournament.
  • Create an invite only tournament.
  • Use a standalone point system with the system. Then you can allow team leaders to charge points to join their team. Then those team points are kept separately and can be used to join tournaments which cost points to join. Points can also be obtained in various ways. For individual points with the standalone system you can gain more poitns by commenting. With the internal team points system you can gain some by winning matches or tournaments.
  • There are many many settings in the ACP. Especially on tournament forms. Be careful with them as there are so many which could interfere with a team's ability to put new memebrs on their teams while involved in a tournament.
  • Upload logos for categories, tournaments, and teams.
  • Much more.
Please Note: This is a first release and some things will improve over time. The bracket skinning will be improved, some things will behave differently, co-leader functionality will be added, ability for ties/draws, disputing methods, and more overall management of various areas.

Also: Keep in mind this has not been tested in strict PHP/MySQL environments. At some point I will fix issues which could thus allow for it to run smooth in those various setups, but be aware that I am not speaking as to how well it would currently do in those environments.

What's New in Version 1.3.4 (See full changelog)

  • Fixed a bug where any time a team dropped out of am already started tournament, that team would be removed from ALL other tournaments they were in.
  • Fixed a bug where the tournament creator was not being allowed to delete comments in tournaments unless he/she happened to be id number 1.
  • Fixed various bugs related to commenting, such as the editor showing to people not allowed to comment and also some people not able to comment in tournaments they were in.
  • Added ability for app admins to be able to comment and remove comments anywhere in tournaments and teams.

Thanks, this is good for counte-strike 1.6 clanwars :)
Yes but unfortunately for the brackets it does not show the scores..If somebody could modify to show the scores it will be verry good.
How do i set permissions for this app?
Check on system,and check also to have permissions in Restrict Admin Permissions area
How i can get scores as in image of component in this page?
Any chance on getting the latest version nulled?

Mar 08 2015 09:05 PM
How to create team :( spent more than 6-7 hours on it to find out :(. i can only add team named as "bye"

Mar 09 2015 01:09 PM

GirishMahajan, on 08 March 2015 - 09:05 PM, said:

How to create team :( spent more than 6-7 hours on it to find out :(. i can only add team named as "bye"
Help me, with this problem: You do not have permission to view tournaments

Oct 14 2016 05:12 AM
So Midnight Modding I suppose is working on updating this app to work for IPB 4.1.x. Does anyone have an alternative until that happens? It's been 4 years but no update. This still only works for IPB 3.4.x.

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